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1977年纽约街头摄影师与纪录片导演Richard Sandler被徕卡相机改变了他的一生,他开始拍摄80年代的纽约街道。你在记录你的时间Sandler说,你寻找的趋势,一切将会在街上看到。从第五大首的奢华到布满涂鸦的地铁,Sandler带来勇气和里根时代的魅力。

New York City street photographer and documentary filmmaker Richard Sandler was handed a Leica in 1977, a simple action that changed his life.  He began photographing the streets of New York, tapping into the pulse of the 80s.  “You are recording your time,” says Sandler. “You are looking for trends.  If you are in the street, you see it. You see everything on the street.” From his 5th avenue furs to the graffiti strewn subways, Sandler brings the grit and the glamor of the Reagan era to the surface.

图片来源; TIME


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